Power catamaran

A2V - A wing effect for faster cruising

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The principle is to create lift – the wing effect - from 30 knots, making an interesting alternative to the now omnipresent foils. Seen from ahead, the A2V is certainly impressive and futuristic-looking. Viewed from the quarter, it is reminiscent of a turtle ... but a damn fast one, given that this catamaran exceeds 50 knots at top speed and is satisfied with a consumption of 0.66 US gal per nautical mile! The first tests in 2015 proved to be convincing enough to adapt the prototype to different sizes: a first catamaran has been delivered to Gabon, a second is on Lake Geneva and a third will soon link Monaco to Ventimiglia. Lionel Huetz, head of A2V, is designing a leisure version of his boat with a large sunroof, full amenities and twin 300 hp outboards.


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