ARC, full house for the cats

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Nearly 200 boats were at the start in Gran Canaria, including 16 catamarans, all heading for St. Lucia, in the West Indies. At the finish, a Catana 431, Intrepid Bear, won on corrected time, in a little more than 11 days, ahead of the Lagoon 560 Feliz, winner on elapsed time, in 10 days and 23 hours... Note the very good position of Casamance twenty two, 7th on corrected time, which just goes to show that all catamarans, even old ones, can still play with their much more recent little friends...  
Finally, a special mention for the Los Angeles Lagoon distributor, Charles Etienne Devanneaux and his crew, for their performance in Naos (3rd on a Lagoon 400 S2), the smallest boat and first in the division with no engine use penalties!  


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