Chronicles of Olivier Mesnier

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An exceptional wealth of information served in a unique style and with incredible anecdotes. Olivier is not only a great sailor, he is also a true author. On his return from his tour of the world, he had decided to publish his famous chronicles in a book in two volumes soberly entitled "Journey around the world". In just a few months, the first print run was sold out and many interested readers were obliged to download the digital version of the book, which is still available today. Faced with the constant demand of his insatiable fans, the author finally decided to get back to work. Before returning to the South Seas, he began an uncompromising re-reading and reworked some parts. Finally, the books are now prefaced by Isabelle Autissier. As a result, volumes 1 and 2 will again be available from mid-July on the magazine's website. Two indispensable works if you plan to go by boat, but which also read like a good novel. Ideal for this summer!

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