Kanka 14 - Three hulls for single- or two-handed sailing

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The materials used? Plywood and ash for this mini multihull of just 13 feet (4 meters). The specifications for this project were to have a small, fast sailing boat that could be used by one person, transportable, eco-friendly and not too expensive. With the additional constraint of being sufficiently stable that you’re extremely unlikely to end up in the water in the depths of winter. The trimaran formula quickly became established. Naval architects wanted to reconcile modern design and lineage with the traditional multihulls of the Pacific. Combining these two extreme inspirations, the arms are made of glued laminated wood and assembled to the central hull with lashings. Depending on the interest from boaters, the Kanka 14 may be available in finished or kit form, as well as at various stages of construction. The launch of the first model is announced early next spring – Multihulls World will be there!
Builder: Nicolas Arnould
Architects: Yacht Design Collective and Tanguy de Bonnières
Central hull length: 4.00 m (13’1”)
Beam: 3.70 m (12’2”)
Displacement: 135 kg (300 lbs)
Mainsail area: 8.50 m² (911 sq ft)
Jib: 4.40 m² (47 sq ft)
Gennaker: 15 or 20 m² (160 or 215 sq ft)
Price: from € 17,316 ex-tax

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