Key moments of 2020 - Editing in the days of COVID-19

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This took place in Bandol, in the South of France, back in September. What about our tests? Well, they came right after the private days, at the same time as the photo shoot and the delivery of the Samana. There we were on board - as ashore - with owners, models, photographers, a helicopter... and of course the team from the yard. In short, a joyful and delicious human maelstrom, under the soft September sun of the Mediterranean... After a few months in reverse and a second lockdown, those few days in Bandol were a little bit crazy and felt to me to be our best answer to these strange times we are going through. Yes, our passion is intact! Yes, more than ever, we want to share it with you. What’s the solution for all of us? Adaptability, every time, over and over!

Emmanuel van Deth

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