Key moments of 2020 - Foiling for all, with no experience and no C02 emissions

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All I had to do was get on the Overboat, a small 10-foot (3-meter) catamaran with foils and an electric motor, listen to the few instructions for use, then squeeze the trigger to accelerate and take off instantly. Apart from the exhilaration of gliding over the waves at 15 knots, without apprehension and with a feeling of lightness, you get the impression of falling back into childhood. Only this time, the flying carpet from the cartoon is very real!  Congratulations must go to the Neocean team who combined their 40 years of experience in racing, industry, technology, hydrodynamics and aerodynamics to succeed in developing this machine which represents a hope for the future of our motorized, but virtuous, movement on the water. By overcoming the constraints of the Archimedes principle, the Overboat is not energy-hungry; and electric propulsion with no C02 emissions is becoming an affordable reality for the common boater. Long live 2021 and the future, and I think you will agree with me.

Norbert Conchin

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