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In any case, this is the idea of ADN-Bernard Lelièvre, which is now offering a whole range of catamarans, available in all stages of construction, from a kit to be assembled yourself, to a ready to sail cruising boat.
The kit version includes all the plywood panels, cut out digitally and ready to be assembled by the prospective builder, with a construction booklet and a comprehensive dossier allowing the construction to be certified to CE standards by an approved organisation.  
The other stages of construction are carried out in cooperation-partnership with a particularly dynamic builder in the south of France: Multi-Composites.
All you have to do now is choose from a range of catamarans of from 32 to 46 feet, and get stuck in...
Note that for fans of aluminium, the architect is also offering the Galileo 41 and 46 in a choice of either Sealium or Strongall.

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