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Notus 50 - Monohull, trimaran and … trimonoran!

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The principle is to keep a measured beam on deck - close to that of a typical motorboat - but to have three narrow, angled hulls. The designers emphasize the advantages of multihulls: more volume, no ballast, better stability, less drag, etc. The originality of the design lies in the very marked angle of the outer hulls: the trimonoran has the possibility of heeling - a little - and is then transformed into a catamaran. The horizontal wings visible on the drawings probably won’t be seen on sailing boats – these would give a cage-like effect to be feared on a hydrodynamic level. The Notus 50 offers three cabins, including an Owner's suite at the bow, a nacelle incorporating the saloon, galley and navigation station and a garage capable of housing a 10-foot (3-meter) inflatable tender.




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