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Coming from Russia, the USA, England and several other European countries, as well as the islands in the north of the Caribbean (St Martin), this surprisingly big fleet for such an event, joyful and multi-colored, was eager to do battle on the start lines of the three legs raced in ideal sporty conditions, on a wonderful, technical stretch of water. Régis Guillemot had prepared 3 courses: a warm-up off Le Marin, then a descent to the Grande Anse d’Arlet, where the fleet was welcomed ashore by the local team in a relaxed and cordial atmosphere, before going back to sea, heading for…the wonderful Petite Anse, where the crews’ evening was held. The next day, return close-hauled against 25 knots of trade winds, passing inside the Diamant channel with the finish fought out at the entrance to Le Marin, before the beautiful anchorage at the Club Med des Boucaniers, where the prize giving took place. This very international meeting attracted numerous crews of owners, many of whom had chartered boats locally – as the meeting was also the pretext for a cruise amongst the islands. The faultless organization and the participation of the Comite Martiniquais du Tourisme, the community of the town of Anses d'Arlet, the Clement building and the Club Med allowed this joyful tribe to share an exceptional moment, by celebrating the builder's 42nd anniversary with Claire and Jean Francois Fountaine. For the early risers, the famous seine net fishing was the opportunity to learn about an age-old technique with the local fishermen, and the 3 superb skiffs made available for all those who wanted to have a go aboard these sporty machines were admired by everyone during their graceful maneuvers in the Baie du Marin.


A success!

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