Propelled by a kite

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But what interests us here is the transatlantic 35-meter boat that emitted no CO2 emissions. For its crossing of the Atlantic from Lorient in France, Race for Water has used a kite, SkySail, developed by SkySails Yacht Gmbh. The German company has demonstrated the full potential of these automated kites and their performance. The kite is between 100 and 150 m above sea level where the wind is stronger and above all more regular in direction and in strength. The SkySail automatically performs maneuvers, realizing a figure of eight which allows it to increase the traction force. That's how it generates up to 25 times more energy than a conventional sail. The captain of the boat, Pascal Morizot was impressed: under this sail of only 40 m² and with optimum conditions, the 100 tons of catamaran were propelled at 8 knots. A system that could be about to become widespread in the near future on cargo ships, but also why not on cruising boats...?


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