In search of technical info on the Aventura 28
" I’m on the lookout for an Aventura 28 catamaran. I bought the test you published about this boat and would now like to get in touch with the manufacturer to try and get some technical documentation on this multihull because I’d be interested in making a few modifications such as lengthening the sugarscoops, moving the anchor locker to the center of the boat etc.
Having searched the web, I’m wondering if the shipyard/builder hasn’t disappeared: do you have any information or the name of a contact I could call? "
Christophe Artignan



The shipyard that built the Aventura 28 was called Go Catamaran, later becoming Indigo Yachts. It still exists today under the name Aventura Catamarans. For more than ten years now, they’ve been based in Bizerte, in Tunisia, and are actually doing very well. The shipyard, still under the direction of Eric Roger - now assisted by his son Romain – these days produces larger sailing and motor catamarans, as the current range extends from the Aventura 34 (sailing) to the 50 Power. An upcoming 45S is about to be launched. This is a far cry from the small Aventura 23’s and 28’s that were derived from existing molds or models. The 28 that we actually tested in MW69 (May/June 2003) was also covered in our Second-hand section in MW123 (May/June 2012). This particular model wasn’t an original design but a fiberglass version of the Diabolo, a small 8.5-meter strip-planking catamaran designed by Jean and Jacques Fioleau. With a 60% increase in displacement and the removal of the daggerboards in favor of short skeg keels, the Aventura 28 no longer had much in common with the fiery temperament of her predecessor... but the 35 examples built are great platforms for family coastal cruising. We really liked the well fitted-out hulls (even though the “double” berths are limited to 43 inches / 1.1 m in width) and the protected cockpit that can be completely enclosed. The weak points of this catamaran are essentially limited to the steering system, the way the rudder stock is secured to the blade and the overall robustness of the rudder. At sea, we discovered this to be a fairly seaworthy catamaran for her size - some owners have even ventured across the Atlantic and even sailed halfway around the world! Eric Roger even reports a few top speeds of 20 knots!


Builder: Go Catamarans/Indigo Yachts
Architect: Jacques Fioleau
Hull length: 27’11” (8.5 m)
Waterline length: 26’3” (7.99 m)

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