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Message in a bottle - Where are you Optique Beaumont?

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I’m taking the liberty of contacting you because I’m trying to find the Formula 40 Optique Beaumont.

This catamaran means a lot to me, as it was built by my father and his friends. It was their first boat and the one that put their Structures shipyard, now Pogo Structures, on the map. I kept up with the news of this multihull until 2007, when my father passed away. The last I heard, Optique Beaumont was in Portugal [editor’s note: according to our information, the catamaran was indeed offered for sale there in 2012], but this information is several years old now and has not been updated.

I know this is a bit like throwing a message in a bottle into the ocean, but if you have any information or contacts that could help me, I’d be really grateful if you could get in touch.

Anatole Salaun 

Technical specifications of Optique Beaumont
Year built: 1986
Builders: Hubert Stagnol/Jean-Marc Salaun chez Structures
Architect: Hubert Stagnol
First skipper: Bertand de Broc
Length: 39’5” (12 m)
Beam: 22’/25’3” (6.7/7.7 m)
Displacement: 4,230 lbs (1.92 t)
Mainsail: 600 sq ft (55.70 m²)
Jib: 270 sq ft (25 m²)

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