Allures C47.9

Published on 06 june 2017 at 0h00

The yard, which specializes in aluminum cruising monohulls, has now decided to get into multihulls, still for cruising and of course, in ally.

Ultimately the idea is fairly simple.  Pick up on the excellent lines of the Outremer 45 (the two yards are both part of the Grand Large Yachting Group), evolving them sufficiently to allow for construction in aluminum, while maintaining the well-known performance of a catamaran which has now grown to 48 feet.  The deck is in composite for less weight, insulation and ease of maintenance.  The yard claims that a boat ready to sail comes in at 12 tonnes, and for anti-leeway, has nicely profiled skeg keels, an indication of good performance, but above all, allowing the boat to be beached.  Hull no.1 due for launching June 2018.

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