Power catamaran

AQUILA 28 MOLOKAI - A small power catamaran available in Open or cabin version

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The Aquila 28 Molokai was officially launched on December 8, although we already told you about this model over a year ago. The 28 Molokai is offered with an Open deck plan or with an enclosed cabin under the name of Molokai Cuddy. These two models inaugurate a new range called the Offshore. The hulls have very slender bows inspired by Hawaiian pirogues, with a respectable gap between them to ensure a good width to the sidedecks - this has an impact on the position of the outboard motors. We’ve already got a test planned, out of Clearwater, Florida, in the Gulf of Mexico.

Overall length: 30’9” (9.38 m)
Hull length: 28’2” (8.60 m)
Beam: 9’8" (2.96 m)
Draft: 13"/30” (0.34/0.77 m)
Light displacement: 6,166 lbs (2,797 kg)
Engines: 2 X 150 or 200 HP
Fuel: 2 X 75 US gal (2 x 285 l)
Water: 10.6 US gal (40 l)
CE category: B


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