Pacific Ocean

AUSTRALIA - Turquoise waters and sharp teeth...

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One side, I see a forest sometimes green, sometimes arid and dry. In the middle, passes a stream darkened by earth and mud, rivers, estuaries; infested with sharp-toothed crocodiles.

On the other side, turquoise water, coral outcrops serving as protection for turtles and fish, wary of the huge numbers of sharks. This is the one and only East Coast of Australia.
So yes, it is beautiful and varied. We just stare in wonder at many of our anchorages. However, I really do not recommend swimming in the ocean... or in the rivers for that matter!

I would qualify Australia as the country with the most chance of being attacked, bitten, pinched (and any other number of unpleasant verbs) by a dangerous animal.
I have greatly enjoyed sailing along the East Coast of Australia, but always with caution and always keeping in mind the danger posed by certain animals, such as the jellyfish or sharks. We are on their territory, and it is up to us to respect them.

I have swum all my life surrounded by sharks, but Australia has made me a little more cautious...

Name: Jonathan Jagot
Age: 22 years old
Profile: Has been sailing around the world for over 10 years

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