Capt’n Boat: The platform for qualified and insured skippers

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Until now, access to qualified and insured skippers for multihull owners has been a challenge and has been achieved through word of mouth. According to a study conducted by Capt'n Boat on a sample of 200 professional skippers and boat owners, 63% of the services are not provided with the right certificates and 78% of the skippers are not insured... Thanks to its “regulatory algorithm”, Capt'n Boat complies with the regulations of each country and connects the skippers corresponding to the needs of boat owners, professionals or charterers (delivery, coaching/handovers, charters, racing). For each service provided by the platform, Capt'n Boat provides multi-risk damage and Skipper liability insurance so that the use of the services of professional skippers can becomes more widely available. Coming soon online at

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