Domus - An extra-large zero-emissions trimaran

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The stern is a perfect 115-foot (35 m) straight line that closes a deck worthy of an airplane's fairing. The choice of a trimaran structure was dictated by cost concerns and rationalization - no systems need to be doubled up, and the technical aspects are limited to the central hull. The structure is also simpler to implement. Domus was designed to heel two degrees to leeward under sail so that the windward hull is clear of the water, meaning optimal drag reduction. The inverted bows are narrow, and the generous sail area suggests speeds of 20 knots.
A combination of solar power, hydro-generation and hydrogen fuel cells gives Domus an unlimited range with zero emissions.
The layout offers an unprecedented 8,400 square feet (780 m²) of space. The main lounge has a bar, and the space is completely open aft. Domus can accommodate 12 guests in six cabins, including two owner's suites with private lounge and four VIP cabins. 

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