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Double Shuffle 5.6 - A good deal, on sale!

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Among them, the complete plan file for the Double Shuffle 5.6 catamaran is offered for only AUS$ 100! The construction in epoxy plywood is accessible to amateur woodworkers. Light and limited in beam to 2.48 m (8’2”), the Double Shuffle is easily transportable on the road and easy to step the mast - air draft is limited to 5.7 m (18’8”). Inside, the architects have managed to accommodate a saloon convertible into a double berth.


Technical specifications:

Architects: Team Scarab Multihulls

Construction: Epoxy plywood

Length: 5.6 m (18’5”)

Beam: 2.48 m (8’2”)

Draft: 0.25/0.90 m (10”/35”)

Displacement: 570 kg (1,260 lbs)

Mainsail area: 9 m² (97 sq ft)

Jib: 5 m² (54 sq ft)

Air draft: 5.7 m (18’8”)

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