Gitana, the 17th to bear the name

Published on 22 august 2017 at 0h00

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This new boat was first thought about in 2013, construction started in October 2015 and the launch took place in the middle of last July. This brand-new boat, 32m long and 23 wide, carries 650m² of sail downwind, for a displacement of 15.5 tonnes. Innovative planing hulls, T-shaped rudders, L-shaped foils, very carefully-designed platform aerodynamics – the vocation of everything aboard Gitana 17 is flying, and the team hopes that they have the tool to be the first flying ocean-racing boat.

The boat’s first race will be the Transat Jacques Vabre in October, with Sébastien Josse and Thomas Rouxel, but the n°1 aim remains the 2018 Route du Rhum.


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