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JFA Yachts - The handover is under way!

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30 years after it was founded, the shipyard now has six hangars and some 50 employees. Three of them - Gaël Douguet (sales manager), Vincent Balouin (technical director and head of the design office) and Dominique Rouchon (project manager for interior layouts) - will take over from the four founders of JFA - Frédéric Jaouen (president), Frédéric Breuilly (recently retired production manager), Brigitte Jaouen (administrative and financial director) and Michel Siou (project manager). The team currently at the helm of the company preferred to select loyal collaborators for the succession, rather than launch a sales process that would inevitably be less humane and more uncertain in terms of maintaining the company’s values. The handover process is obviously a wonderful story... that won't happen overnight, but over the next 5 to 7 years. 

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