Key moments of 2020 - Long live multihulls!

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Boat shows, regattas, offshore races, boat tests, cruising, all canceled. Yet these are only superficial and irrelevant parts of the Covid iceberg that was on a converging course with our little planet.

So, I think the best moment is yet to come: it will be December 31st at midnight! I can't wait for all of us to regain our freedom to sail, can't wait to discover all these new features that have been hidden for too long, can't wait to race again with daggers drawn, can't wait to sail my pocket catamaran again and not look back, can't wait to see the new Ultim fly...

So, unfailingly optimistic, I nominate 2021 as a year that will be 100% multihull, that we will live 200% to catch up. See you at La Grande-Motte, Düsseldorf, Sydney, Cannes, Southampton, Annapolis - among others - and long live Multihulls!

Paul Thomas

*[Roughly translated as “Leap year, miserable year” – Ed.]

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