Key moments of 2020 - Testing in 2020!

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The number of checks are multiplying and the mission file from the editor-in-chief, the confirmation of our appointment at the Dragonfly shipyard in Skærbæk is being carefully examined. This is the last box to be checked before we get the green light and handed what feels like a blank check, our call of ‘open sesame’ to the Baltic: the boarding pass! In Copenhagen, new checks - cordial, but firm from the Danish authorities before we are liberated.

In the city, paradoxically, everything seems normal and contrasts radically with the curfew atmosphere that reigned at Charles de Gaulle! An empty airport (just 2 flights leaving all the morning!), closed gates, no buses, no cabs or cars! Is this a dream or a nightmare?

In Copenhagen, the weather is fine; a short trip to the fish market, lunch aboard a floating restaurant full of charm before setting off in a car, among the traffic of thousands of bicycles towards the south and the Skærbæk archipelago. A good night’s sleep in a superb and huge traditional farmhouse-hotel (complete with thatched roof) overlooking the gulf and the next morning we’re off to discover the Dragonfly 40 in the magnificent port of Skærbæk. Sailing in the archipelago is always exciting, the light alone is worth the trip! Skimming the fir trees at 15 knots propelled gently by the splendid membrane sails among the maze of magnificent islands is one of the charms of this Viking nautical region, surely one of the most beautiful in the world for our multihulls. Feeling free again in these dreamlike landscapes, gliding from island to island in the fresh air of Scandinavian light brings back the happiness of sailing a trimaran. The Baltic is fantastic!

Philippe Echelle
Multihull tester

Test of the Dragonfly 40 in Multihulls World n°173

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