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L925 Semi Displacement Power Cat - The return of amateur construction?

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New Zealand-based naval architecture firm Dan Leech is offering a number of power multihulls for amateur or professional builders. Among them, the L925 is the perfect choice for relaxed cruising for a couple. This model is built in ½” (12 mm) plywood - the panels can be digitally cut - with glass/epoxy reinforcements. Its limited beam will allow you access to a marina slip without any noticeable extra cost. On the other hand, the gain in habitability and stability is considerable compared to a single-hulled motorboat. This kind of construction is very accessible to an enlightened amateur (4,000 hours of work were counted for the first model) all the more so as having outboard motors for propulsion considerably simplifies the technical aspects. Despite its semi-displacement hulls, the L925 is capable of making than 20 knots with two 90 hp engines.

Construction: Amateur or porfessional (MG Composites NZ)
Architect: Dan Leech Naval Architect
Length: 30’4” (9.25 m)
Waterline length: 24’9” (7.55 m)
Beam: 11’ (3.35 m)
Draft: 19” (0.48 m) - engines up
Recommended engines: 2 x 90 hp outboards
Cruising speed: 17 knots
Max speed: 22 knots
Fuel capacity: 79 US gal (300 l)
Water: 52 US gal (200 l)
Number of cabins: 2




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