Power catamaran

METAL SHARK M48 - An 11,000-mile range!

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Usually, these units are intended for professional use, but the shipyard is now working on a new range of expedition powercats - the M30, M48 and M70. The M48 is the one that’s just been launched (September 23rd), making this catamaran the very first yacht to be built by the shipyard. The hull shapes designed by Incat Crowther are optimized for maximum speed and range: 27 knots at top speed, and a range of 11,000 miles at 10 knots! The design makes a nod to military vessels, but comfort is well and truly on board: nearly 4,300 sq ft (400 m²) of living space is available to the crew... 

Manufacturer: Metal Shark Boats
Length: 158’ (48 m)
Displacement: 275 t
Material: aluminum
Engines: 2 x 2,600 hp
Fuel: 29,000 US gal (111,000 liters)
Top speed: 27 knots
Range: 11,000 miles at 10 knots


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