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Minicat Guppy A catamaran that goes in the trunk

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Here’s a small inflatable catamaran which is ideal for people who live in towns as well as long haul sailors. In both cases the Minicat Guppy is easy to transport (it only weighs 29kg!) and slips into a 165cm x 30cm x 30cm storage bag. This will go into most cars… and of course on board! It can be inflated and rigged in 10 minutes, and this model completes the Minicat range which already includes the 460, the 420 and the Minicat 310. Despite the floats only being 3 metres long, the Guppy can carry two adults, sail upwind thanks to it’s two movable 50cm ailerons and can even reach speeds of 15 knots in a good breeze!

Builder: Minicatamaran

Length: 3m

Width: 1.5m

Mast height: 3.950m

Weight: 29kg

Width of floats: 330mm

Sail surface area: 3.9m

CE Category: D

Maximum load: 235kg

Price: from €2850

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