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Multi 50 Arkema 4: Launch scheduled for July

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Is there any good news? Construction of the new Arkema 4 Multi50 at Lalou Multi, in Le Verdon-sur-Mer, France, is continuing with an operational team reduced from 20 to 7 people, while the administrative and design department staff are all working from home. “The central hull is being finished, the two arms will be assembled early May and the floats are being finished,” explains Quentin Vlamynck, future skipper of this new Multi50. “The trimaran is taking shape and now, when we go to the yard, we can see what she’s going to look like. She has beautiful lines; the hull form is distinctive, and we like this originality at Lalou Multi. We're really happy with the design work and we're working hard to bring everything together, in a robust yet light way.” Launch for Arkema 4 is scheduled for July 2020.


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