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Neel 47

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During their press conference, the builder Neel didn’t depart from this rule, by announcing a brand-new trimaran, whose launch is planned for the very beginning of 2019. Designed by Marc Lombard, the Neel 47 will – once again – revolutionize the way of life for long-term cruisers, as the Neel 45 and 51 already have!

We of course find once again on the 47 the famous ‘cockloon’, the generous area which opens up completely to offer the choice (depending on the weather) of a large open area between the saloon and the cockpit, or separate, well-protected areas. But it’s the brand-new owner’s cabin that will delight long-term cruisers. Situated on the same level as the platform, it offers (as on the Neel 45) in incredible view of the anchorage. But with a clever set of sliding bulkheads, it opens easily onto the saloon… Magic, with a 270° view over the surroundings!

Finally, the floats are also fitted out, and offer totally independent suites.

The 47 fits into the range between the Neel 45 Evolution (which remains in the catalogue) and the 51 and 65 Evolution.



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