New Windelo 50 and 54 - A new design showing more maturity

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The time has therefore come for Windelo to increase their production capacity (soon 6 units per year). A process which implies in the long term the need to increase the size of the premises and in the immediate future to have deck molds much less greedy in parts (3 as opposed to 21!). The opportunity is therefore perfect to restyle their first two models, the 50 and 54. This mission was logically entrusted to the Barreau/Neuman team, assisted by Charlotte Schiffer. The main idea was to use the wave theme already present on the sides of the hull for the deck. Beyond the cosmetic alterations, the coachroof has been revised to improve drainage and to moderate its square appearance: the forward face has been reworked with two hatches slightly angled aft and inversed. The top of the coachroof now has a “cap” appearance, all the more evident with it now being extended aft. The rear platform and the sugarscoops are also more elegant. The forward cockpit dedicated to sailing maneuvers has been improved. As for the interior, this now respects well-defined color options.
Prices: from €995,000 ex-tax for a Windelo 50 Adventure to €1,395,000 ex-tax for a Windelo 54 Sport.

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