Pacific Ocean - Birth of a life that hangs by a thread

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Each inhabitant is in his or her place. Feathered, furry or scaled, the animals that populate the island find each other, help each other, kill each other, and feed each other.

Life needs to be earned, like this adorable brown noddy, freshly hatched from its egg. The odds of him being here today in front of my lens were slim - and the chances of being immortalized in Multihulls World magazine even slimmer, even though he did let me have the royalties for this piece with a mischievous wink of his eye!

Other animals could have eaten him - and they still could during this stage of his life. He lost his brother, at his side in the rustic family nest, because he was simply not as strong as he was. This often happens when two eggs hatch; the noddy mother cares for only one juvenile.

Let us hope that this young noddy will be lucky enough to travel for miles above the oceans, feeding on fish and squid. And who knows, maybe he will come and land on the guardwires of your multihull, lost in the turquoise vastness…

Name : Jonathan Jagot
Age : 22 years old
Profile: Has been sailing around the world for over 10 years

A photographer and sailor, Jonathan is such a talented individual, that in each edition we offer him “carte blanche” to inspire us...

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