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Rolex Middle Sea Race 2021 - The MOD70 trimaran Argo takes the new race record

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This Mediterranean race is said to offer one of the most beautiful courses in the world. With a startline at the foot of the fortresses in Malta, participating yachts follow a 606-mile counter-clockwise loop around Sicily. The absolute record for the event (one of the very few that was still held by a monohull) had been set in 2007 by Georges David and his 90-foot Rambler in 47 hours 55 minutes 3 seconds. The existing multihull record dated back to last year: Giovanni Soldini and his Multi70 Maserati managed to complete the course in 56 hours 31 minutes 31 seconds. Now, the MOD70 Argo (USA), skippered by Jason Carroll, has smashed both these previous records: on Sunday 24th October at 20:39:28, she crossed the finish line after only 33 hours 29 minutes 28 seconds.

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