Offshore racing

RORC Transatlantic Race 2022 - Alex Thomson racing on a Gunboat 68!

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Of course, our interest lies in the MOCRA category - the multihull class, in which there are 7 entries. Among them, three MOD70s and one Ultim are playing for the win as well as line honors of the all-classes category - the record for the event, currently standing at 5 days 22 h 46 min 03 sec was set in 2015 and belongs to the MOD70 Phaedo 3. But the guest star of the race is undoubtedly the Gunboat 68 Tosca, skippered by Alex Thomson and Neal McDonald. The famous British skipper who announced back in October that he was retiring from ocean racing - at least from the IMOCA solo circuit - is joining the multihull world!

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