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RORC Transatlantic Race - Victory by trimaran Rayon Vert

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Rayon Vert is a Pulsar 50, designed by Erik Lerouge, and well-known by Multi 50 fans. For a long time sailed by the Delhumeau family, this boat notably took part in the last two Route du Rhum races. It is now the property of Oren Nataf who has taken on board the experienced Catalan Alex Pella, who had sailed alongside Yves Blevec on the Ultim Actual Leader during the Brest Atlantiques race. They achieved a flattering average speed of 12.4 knots on the direct route of 2,735 miles between the two islands. Not bad for a 50-foot (15.24 m) trimaran built in 2004 - and being sailed two-handed. Due to the health crisis, the fleet was a very diverse one, from IRC monohulls to Class 40s, but in the end it was still a multihull that won! This is what the full (professional) crew of the 70-foot (21.5m) ex-Vovlo Ocean Race monohull Green Dragon must be saying to each other, as they arrived in second position, some six and a half hours later.

Picture © Ed Gifford/RORC

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