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Silent 60: In electric mode at every power level

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The hulls have inverted bows and impressive freeboard – there’s no lack of volume on board, especially as the nacelle sits over a good part of the deck. Extended at the bow by a cap and at the stern by a large bimini, the superstructures are designed to support a maximum surface area of solar panels (42 as opposed to 30 for the Silent 55). The Silent 60, like all the other models of the brand, is of course propelled by two electric motors. The manufacturer offers three options - 2 x 30 kW, 2 x 250 kW and 2 x 220 hp motors coupled to two small 14 kW electric motors. Auxiliary propulsion systems using a conventional sail plan or kite wings are also being studied. Note that the draft has been deliberately reduced to allow shallow water use. The various layouts available offer up to 6 cabins and as many heads compartments.

Builder: Silent Yachts

Overall length: 17.99 m (59’)

Beam: 8.99 m (29’6”)

Draft: 0.93 m (37”)

Light displacement: 25 t (55,000 lbs)

Water: 500/1,000 l (132/264 US gal)

Fuel: 600/1,600 l (158/422 US gal)

Solar panels: 14 kW

Electric motors: 2 x 30 kW/2 x 250 kW

Generator: 22 kW/100 kW

Battery capacity: 70/210 kWh

Cruising speed: 6 - 8 knots/12 - 15 knots

Max speed: 12/20 knots

CE Certification: A

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