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Slyder 49 E-Power: To be discovered in 2021!

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Markus Kuhner, CEO of Slyder Catamarans, told us a bit more: “I’ve been wanting to produce a Slyder catamaran with electric propulsion for more than a year now. I have worked hard on the subject and talked to many experts. To be honest, many of my partners have advised me against this - according to them, many systems on the market don't work satisfactorily. I have come to the conclusion that what’s essential, if we opt for electric propulsion, is to develop a fully integrated system. So, on the Slyder E-Power, everything that consumes energy will be interconnected and monitored automatically - a faulty bilge pump or a blown light bulb will be reported immediately. Our system will also be able to program usual scenarios (combining electrical consumers) to make operation even easier.” The Slyder 49 E-Power is scheduled to be on display at the International Multihull Show 2021.

Price: € 749,000 ex-tax.


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