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Electric propulsion fed by solar energy on luxury yachts today comes up against the problem of displacement. Owners are not ready to give up their speed and comfort, whose associated weight cannot be ignored and is very energy-hungry. However we are starting to find solutions, as demonstrated by Werner Vögeli, for whom traditionally propelled boats are technologically outdated, faced with new demands. Werner has started to work with a team of technicians and scientists, in association with his subsidiary Schaaf Yachtbau, on the SWATH concept (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull). This principle, well-known since 1938, has for a long time been reserved for specialist boats and oil rigs. The boat is supported by two torpedo-shaped floats under the surface of the water. This allows decoupling from the waves, which reduces the yacht’s rolling and pitching by 90%. The trim is much more stable, even in big waves, reducing the inconvenience of seasickness. Another advantage, which has also been demonstrated during the Hydrocontest sessions for mass transport, is that the submerged weights can be moved better if they are situated as low as possible below the waterline. In the case of a cruising yacht, these submerged floats are therefore ideal for storing the impressive battery bank and other heavy elements.

Finally, at the waterline level, the keels which link the torpedo shapes to the hull offer low resistance to forward movement, and therefore allow high speed to be obtained without having to resort to excessive consumption! This new way of thinking about naval architecture leads to a different technology, combining active comfort, increased safety and lower energy consumption. Assisted by automated fins which reinforce the stabilization, a catamaran thus designed should slip almost silently through the water and be particularly stable, even in waves several meters high. The energy is generated by 300m² of aesthetically-designed solar panels which are well-ventilated to ...

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