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Spaceline 100 Hybrid - Luxury on four decks

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In this size, which is already particularly comfortable in terms of usable surface area, this new model sets the bar very high, with a total surface area of around 8,500 square feet (800 m²), of which half is habitable space. The saloon offers 1,175 sq ft (109 m²) and the owner's cabin 590 sq ft (55 m²). The Spaceline 100 Hybrid also boasts 2,430 sq ft (226 m²) of solar panels, allowing its two diesel engines to be used only for longer, high-speed passages. On the decks as well as inside, the Spaceline offers, as its name suggests, freedom from constraints in the living areas. With a headroom of 7’3” (2.20 m), 360° views from the saloon and on the 740 sq ft (69 m²) flybridge, panoramic views from the cabins and omnipresent luxury: designer Carlo Mezzera seems to have achieved a particularly seductive result. This new model will be offered in small production runs, but it can be made available as a one-off catamaran.
Technical specifications:
Builder: Ultimate Catamarans
Design: Carlo Mezzera
Length: 97’ (29.5 m)
Beam: 42’8” (13 m)
Cruising speed: 8 to 12 knots
Max speed: 18 to 20 knots
Range: 850 miles to infinity (solar/electric)
Passengers: 12 guests plus six crew

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