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Sunreef Yachts Eco: Press conference... online!

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To achieve this, Sunreef have developed their own solar panels – weighing less than 2 kg/m² (6½ oz / sq ft) and less than 1 mm (3/64”) thick. They can be placed almost anywhere. Well integrated, they comply with the manufacturer's design requirements. A lot of work has also gone into the batteries: at 5 kg/kW (11 lbs / kW), they are almost as light as those from Tesla (4.5 kg/kW or 10 lbs / kW), but meeting marine standards. The aim is to have a battery bank of up to 1 MW! On the forthcoming 80-footer, with two 25 kW electric motors, the maximum speed will be equal to the diesel version, i.e. 9 knots. At 7 knots, the predicted range is 2 hours in 100% electric mode. Sunreef are also working on integrating basalt and flax fiber into the structure and more and more recycled materials in the fittings. As for the new factory, this is gradually becoming operational, and the 160-footer, construction of which is due to start in May, will be entirely built there. To contend with the restrictions caused by the current health situation, production has been shifted to 3 x 8 to reduce contact between operators. But what about boat shows for next season? Assuming they take place, Sunreef will be exhibiting at Cannes and Monaco.

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