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Hundreds of ash particles follow the hollowed out rivers and pirouette around the banyan forest, before settling delicately on the land or the sea.

The people of Vanuatu live very well with this, and have adapted to this daily dusty problem. Wonderful people, welcoming and with hearts of gold.

Several anchorages are possible in the north-east of Tanna. The best is Port Resolution, at the extreme east, right at the back of a well-protected bay.

Wonderful villages have a birds-eye view of the bay. There are hot water springs all around the beach, as well as many tame horses.

It’s a real green Eden, a mysterious, abundant jungle. In the distance we could hear the rumbling of the powerful Yasur volcano. This is one of the most accessible volcanos in the world, and also one of the most active.

Once night falls, the red glow mingles with the smoke and the clouds present. A photographer’s dream and a tiny part of our beautiful planet not to be missed!

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