The cliffs & the Ocean

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Name: Jonathan Jagot
Age: 22 years old
Profile: Has been sailing around the world for over 10 years

Rocks, greenery, erratic clouds: with scenery like this, you could perhaps be reminded of Hawaii. We are in fact not very far from those islands... Just a few hundred miles to the south-east. This iconic anchorage is the Marquesas Islands. There is horizontal rain from the succession of squalls. And who is this, a ghost perhaps, reminding us of Gauguin. Why it’s Jacques Brel, of course! Ah, the Marquesas Islands. They are like another world, where time stands still and all your cares fade away. It is like living in a permanent watercolor painting. Here, life is all about the sun, the song of the surf, and the smell of the exotic flowers. Communication here is mellow, with conversations punctuated by the bewitching rolled «r» of the Marquesan people. It ...

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