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“Pirates” in Venezuela

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All the rumors of doubtful origin which spread between cruisers seem to be working: There are no sailboats. A few local boats and on the beach, some fisherman fixed on untangling a net; a noticeboard, “Welcome to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”. All our apprehensions melted away, with the greetings and smiles from the locals, and a feeling of general well-being carried us far from the real world. Were we stupid to have not been taken in by the general psychosis? Off the little marina only three mast can be seen, and we learnt that among these mindless folk, we are the twenty-sixth boat to anchor in Venezuela this year. For sure, life is cheap for us cruisers - a dream to live without needing much capital. However, to live permanently in this Latin American country has its disadvantages for many of the population.
The inoffensive and indifferent behavior of the people we met the first night put us at ease. We haven’t felt anything menacing, been the subject of any aggression, nor seen any danger at the port or in town. Between the ultra-modern malls, the street vendors, the town center really filled us with confidence. For three years, Margarita has endured a bad reputation due to the acts of a few thugs. Feeling a little more informed on the ways of this country, without fully understanding, we are now getting ready to let the easterly wind carry us toward the next island, Tortuga. From what information we have managed to gather, we’re not likely to see many people, but an impressive amount of lobsters.
Cyrilandt Magalie on board

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