A Catapult around the Atlantic

Published on 01 december 2015 at 0h00

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With an anchorage which was at risk of becoming uncomfortable, the need to pick up our home schooling stuff in Gibraltar, and despite a gloomy weather forecast giving 20 knot headwinds, we set off! Things were looking up: our entry into the Atlantic was a magical sail which will remain legendary for all the family, as much for the comfortable ride as for Catapulte’s performance which evolved in line with the weather conditions. At first we were getting the impression that the Mediterranean was going to hang on to us, because the more we advanced toward Gibraltar, the more wind came ahead and increased for the first time since our voyage began. Right up until the Pillars of Hercules appeared off our bows (a truly magical moment we shared as a family), where strangely we got the impression that the Mediterranean was resigned to the fact that it would have to let us enter the great Atlantic Ocean, waiting to welcome us with open arms. Nevertheless, we had already scoured the chart looking for some shelter for the night. And it was then that the sea began to calm, and the wind improve, and we ...

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