Atlantic ocean

Banana : just three more islands and then we’re off…

Published on 01 december 2016 at 0h00

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Boat: Saint Francis 50
Who : Sophie, Oscar-Louis, Robert-Louis
Where : From Cape Town to Florida

In the starring roles: Dinghy the dog, in charge of on board security. A pure bred Jack Russell from the USA. Oscar-Louis, the young sailor who’s already been around the world. Video game and cards specialist. Contracted to the CNED education programme since 2010. Sophie, the chef, who can feed a crew for a month without any fresh supplies and without repeating any recipes. Contracted to the captain since 1986. On “Banana”, we eat for pleasure not just to fill ourselves up. Robert-Louis, the captain. A bit of a McGiver whenever necessary. A bad fisherman, but he hasn’t given up trying.
April. Goodbye to the seals, penguins and whales. We took 10 days to reach St ...

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