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Fleur de Sel : Adventure in Cuba.

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"Cuba is without doubt the most extraordinary, surprising and disconcerting destination that we visited during our voyage. The scenery is breathtaking. It's also the only place where you can come across a modern car (very few), or an old American one, a horse, a bike, horse-drawn carriages and Russian motorbikes and sidecars. You feel as though you've gone back in time 40 years. The Cubans are very welcoming and generous, however you do need to respect their way of life.
We made our children very happy by taking them to swim with dolphins. It was paradise! It's a good job that Cuba is so beautiful: in three weeks we've only connected to the internet once and haven't been able to do any shopping (no supermarkets). The weather has kept us in the small marina of San Antonio. We've got to the stage where we are bartering with the other boats (a kilo of flour against 500g of pasta etc). A small mono hull joined us in our mooring this evening (in the middle of nowhere). On board were Bob and his son. They had set off to sail around Florida, but ...

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