Atlantic ocean

From Guadeloupe to Barbuda, Motu Atua continues its Caribbean trip

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In Guadeloupe, Gosier, with its little protected island, offered an attractive anchorage. We then ventured in the dinghy into the channels in the middle of a dense, tropical forest, before enjoying the exceptionally pleasant prices in the market in Pointe a Pitre, to stock up with fruit, vegetables, spices and fish. Enjoying favorable weather conditions, we then set off for Petite Terre, a small island to the east of Guadeloupe, where mooring is uniquely on mooring buoys; when we arrived, all the places were taken, and we had to wait around for several hours before tying up. Here everything is protected, even the hermit crabs! We also saw some big quite tame tarpons and some placid iguanas. At the end of a few restful days, we set off again for St. Francois, where we saw the schools carnival, full of color and sounds! A few days later, we anchored in the bay close to English Harbour, in Antigua, with its attractive colonial-style marina, and its pontoons, where some ultra-luxurious yachts are tied up. We then left for Barbuda, where we finally found scenery which delighted us – white sand, turquoise water, coconut trees...and sunshine, and where we remained anchored in a deserted bay in just 2m of water. It was superb! The next day, two boats dropped anchor not far from us. What could I see? Children? Not just one or two; Greg, Lilou and Tom set off to meet them. Greg quickly found himself on the beach with ten or so children; they were lucky enough to have a close encounter with a mother dolphin and her baby. So, as we are good people (…), we invited everyone for an aperitif on our boat. A very pleasant evening, and as they are good people (…), they returned the invitation the next day, before meeting up a few days later around a fire on the beach, having a barbecue and enjoying a moment all together. La Dolce Vita…

Who: Greg, Céline, Lilou and Tom

Boat: Nautitech 435

Where: West Indies, Atlantic Ocean


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