Looping 50

Jacqueline and Pascal: round the world in a Looping – soon!

Published on 01 august 2016 at 0h00

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“The idea of building a catamaran came about thanks to (or because of) Multihulls World, and notably following an article dedicated to amateur construction. That was in 2006, I believe. At the time I would never have thought it possible to build a catamaran as an ‘amateur’. A photo then attracted my attention, that of a Looping 45 under construction; its lines immediately appealed to me. I then contacted the architect, Patrick Luscher, and with my husband, we went to Sète, in the South of France to look at the plans. We immediately liked the architect’s philosophy, and were able to start the construction of the Looping 50 in our garden. Obviously, when you start 9,500 hours of work, you mustn’t think about the end of the construction after each day’s work, otherwise you could well despair. On the other hand, it is a good idea to set aims, such as ‘this summer I’m going to build the starboard hull.’ Today the catamaran’s exterior is ready to be painted, on the other hand as far as the accommodation ...

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