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Madgic: under the spell of Dominica

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We set a course for Dominica, on the other side of the Martinique channel, about 35 miles away. Madgic was on form, and took pleasure in overtaking two sailing boats which had left earlier. After Scott Head, the southern tip of Dominica, we noticed a few villages at the water’s edge, overwhelmed by their almost impenetrable green surroundings. The endemically present parrot on the island, the sisserou, sat proudly on the national ensign we had just hoisted, along with the Q flag. The other endemic animal is a big toad: the ‘Mountain Chicken’. Victim of an incurable disease, it is no longer the country’s culinary specialty. Seacat, aboard his speed boat, welcomed us with a kindness and a smile which already made us want to discover the island. His powerful outboard took us to the ferry dock, to take care of the formalities. The absence of wind made the heat stifling. Swimming in the anchorage was refreshing, although the water was far from translucent. A few meters from the boat, on the terrace of a hotel, we savored a cold Kubuli, the local beer. The next day, we met up with our guide again. The sidewalks in the center of Roseau are occupied by a market with colorful stalls full of fresh produce. We had never seen one as big until then. Dominica really deserves its nickname, the Nature Island, with its forest, 350 rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Our guide helped us discover grapefruit, cocoa, nutmeg, guava, cinnamon and mango trees. The vegetation’s luxuriance is striking. The scenery in the Three Pitons National Park is incredible. A short walk led to a natural swimming pool, fed by a waterfall, in lush vegetation in the middle of the tropical forest. Welcome to the crystal clear refreshing waters of the Emerald Pool.


Who:  Nathalie & Vincent
Boat: Nautitech 40
Where: Dominica, West Indies, Atlantic Ocean

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