Atlantic ocean from St. Helena to Brazil

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We cast off. Nomadic birds, we set off again to migrate beyond the ocean, by returning body and soul to the Atlantic. With the forecast east-south-easterly wind, we should be pushed along to Jacaré, in Brazil. What a pleasure it is to sail downwind, especially as this wind will last for 1787 miles, just to fill our sails. To optimize the daily average, the captain hoists a second genoa. spread its wings, as if transformed. Every breath of wind which blows into its sails gives it a surge of energy; its long, steady breathing embraces the languid swell. As if united on the waves, the water, the wind and the boat come together to allow us a pleasant crossing; a calm comfort which for a moment allows us to forget our problems with the batteries and the seawater pump on one of the engines. Materially, it seems that it’s not possible to go cruising without having something to repair. That’s how it is; we are well aware that on a boat, there is always something to do, but we could well do without the few unexpected repairs. The first ...

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