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Multihulls World Tattoos

At the most recent Cannes Boat Show, we launched a tattoo, “J’ai le cata dans la peau” (“I love cats”, or literally, “I have catamarans under my skin”). A visual and amusing way of declaring our passion, they became a real hit not just with our readers, but with the industry as well.

Ever since then, we have been receiving photos of our tattoos, sometimes from the far side of the world. The most recent one came from Bernard and Sandra who are currently cruising the West Indies on their Lagoon 39, Ti’Amaraa
“The tattoo has even made it to the Grenadines!!! The crew of Ti’Amaraa showing off Multihulls World fashion.”

Reader's Spot - tattoo Reader's Spot - tattoo Reader's Spot - tattoo

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