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Shuti : in Azores.

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We are sending you this postcard from lovely Horta, the beating heart of the cruising scene in the middle of the Atlantic. Many Sailors that we met and

Who had been in the Azores told us this is one of the most beautiful places on earth. But you know sailors' stories, so we thought this is probably biased by the joy and relief of seeing land after long, and not so friendly passage on the north Atlantic. After only ten days here we can tell you that this truly a magnificent place. We first made a landfall on Flores, the most eastern island on the archipelago. We managed to get a spot inside the tiny marina, and after exchanging adventure tales with fellow boats (were our fish got bigger, and the wind became a storm). We went to explore the "Flowers island". What a wonderful place! All green and flourish, countless waterfalls and seven lakes in spectacular colors, sitting in volcano craters high on the mountains. Another overnight sail took us to Horta. We drop anchor inside the harbour. Bruno the friendly receptionist in the marina office said we are the 576th boat that arrived since the season start, and no way there is a berth for us. Next minute when I handed him our passports, he looked worried. "is there a problem?" I asked. "You have kids". He said. "And we have a policy, that kids boats get a spot, so they can run around". He dug his list for few minutes and next thing we had our place. Some local will say there are more beautiful islands than Faial. But nothing can beat the great atmosphere here. We reunion with old friends that we met during our circumnavigation, we made many new friends. We saw all kind of boats, big and small, new and old, coming and going to all directions of the compass rose. The legendary Peter Sport Cafe, was celebrating a hundred years with tables on the middle of the street, free sardines, great music, and the famous Gin-do-Mar. There was a festival with street shows and food stalls on the waterfront. And the kids enjoyed browsing the many hundreds of Boats paintings that adorn every spot in the marina, looking for familiar names, and interesting stories. This is sure a place we will come to visit again. 

Who : Momi & Lilach, Yoav, Eyal, and Dror.

Where :  Azores, Atlantic Ocean

Boat : Lagoon 380 S2

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