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The far North in a trimaran…

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“We have just returned from a beautiful cruise in the North, leaving from Bergen. Fabulous fjords, anchorages of a protected beauty, as rare as they are wild, typical little fishing ports in the offshore islands. The light and the air are pure, as they can only be in the North. A profusion of walks for those who also like to explore dry land, including a very beautiful one which leaves from the back of a fjord and reaches the tongue of a glacier – Sea and Mountain cruising guaranteed! 

There are very few boats on the west coast of Norway in August, and 99% of the time we were alone, tied up to one of the numerous little wooden pontoons (decorated with big tires) that are to be found in every corner, both fjords and islands, and which delight leisure sailors, with often a fixed barbecue allowing you to grill the fish you have just caught.

Norway has to be earned but what a pleasure once you are there.

And adventure is never really far away, as at one of our anchorages, we went to the rescue of a ferry, one of whose engines was on fire. Result: 54 people embarked on the Neel 45 (which behaved admirably well - and the trimaran’s buoyancy was well-tested).  The adventure took place calmly, and all the ferry’s passengers were disembarked unharmed. A few days later, the local lifeboatmen found us in a little anchorage, to present us with a medal.

The conclusion of these 4 weeks of Norwegian cruising: a definite wish to return there!”

Eric and Barbara

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